‘Zero 2 Heros’ Pairs.

TenFoot Swim / Run

Event 2019 � �Zero 2 Heroes� Pairs.

Four well known

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pairs have come together to enter the first TenFoot Swim buy / Run Event of 2019.

These eight individuals have agreed to feature over the coming months, as they

train from �Zero 2 Heroes.�

They will push themselves both physically & mentally in an effort of completing the challenging 5.5 Mile Course.

They will have to stay together throughout the swim & run disciplines crossing the finish line at the same time.

The TenFoot Committee Members are appreciative of these individuals, for taking time out of their very busy lives, to support the event & worthwhile nominated charities.

Pair 1 :

Chris & Karina Ebsworth of Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo in Wales � 10th? Best Zoo In The World.

Chris & Karina told Committee Members :

�We have been sea swimming and trail rukamagra cz nning together for a couple of years but have never put the two together.  When the news came of a Swim Run event to be held in Pembrokeshire, we both said at the same time �yep this is definitely one for us� so without any further discussion we signed up for the inaugural TenFoot swim run!  There are four main factors that make the TenFoot swim run a must, the first that it is staged in the stunning location of our home county, second that it is a team event (and we love taking part in sport together), the proceeds of the Swimrun go to support local charities and lastly that the training needed to complete the course fits perfectly with our family life and work commitments.  We are really looking forward to the event and have already started to get some training in.  All we need now is for the sea to warm up a bit!�