Tenfoot Swim/Run

The 3rd edition of the TenFoot Full Swim, 2nd Edition of the FootStep Run and the inaugural TenFoot Half Swim and TenFoot SwimRun.

100% of Proceeds go to Charity, with the first two years raising over £30,000 for charities close to the local communities hearts.

The sport of swim running is one of the fastest growing extreme endurance sports in Europe.

Swim running involves just that… swimming and running. However it is not done in controlled courses with transitions and changes of kit. Swim running involves one set of kit and traversing from point A to point B, in the same gear throughout, swimming and running through natural settings such as coastlines and forest trails.

Apparently it all started with a bet between a few Swedish guys made whilst drinking in a bar: who could get to a location they all knew some 70 km away, traversing islands and forests and ocean, using only muscle power.

Thus the swimrun concept is one of being close to nature. The best swimrun circuits around the world are in stunning locations such as coastlines, islands, forests and cliff top paths.

The key difference between other sports such as triathlon is that swim running is usually (but not always) done as a team sport, participants do the event with a partner. In addition you are allowed to use pretty much whatever you like. For example, swimrunners can use hand paddles or pull floats they can be tethered together or not. participants all need to carry reusable water bottles to minimise the impact on the environment. Rules are minimal, participants are allowed to tailor and tweak their kit according to their needs, to challenge themselves against the natural settings they are racing in.

Swim running takes place in a natural environment. Distances vary, from grueling endurance events of up to 45km or more, even up to 75km, typically with around 37-40km of running and 5-8km of swimming depending on the route; to half and quarter distance routes.


Swim Pembrokeshire sea swimming club meets each week at various beaches around southern Pembrokeshire throughout the sea swimming season and provide a friendly, safe environment to meet and swim with like minded open water swimmers of all ages and abilities. They also offer personalised open water swimming coaching suitable for beginners to seasoned athletes competing in open water, triathlon or Iron Man events.

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