Tenfoot Swim/Run

The Swim/Run

Swim/Running is one of the fastest growing extreme endurance sports in Europe and to keep pace with demand the TenFoot Swim/Run is back for 2020, taking place alongside the Tenfoot Swim on Saturday 11th July 2020.

What is a Swim/Run ? Swim/Running involves just that… swimming and running, but rather than separating the disciplines, think of it as an endurance Hokey Kokey, you’ll be in and out and in and out of the sea with running in between. However, it is not done over a controlled course with transitions and changes of kit. Instead you’ll be traversing from point A to point B in the same gear throughout, combining the coastline with forest trails, taking in some breath taking views of South Pembrokeshire.

Sound crazy ? Well, to be fair the concept did all begin with a bet between a few Swedish guys whilst drinking in a bar! They challenged each other to get to a location some 70 km away, traversing islands, forests and ocean, using only muscle power…and so the Swim/Run was born.

Key to the SwimRun concept is the feeling of being close to nature. The World’s best Swim/Run circuits are in stunning locations, coastlines, islands, forests and cliff top paths. The TenFoot Swim/Run is no different….charting a path from Tenby to Saundersfoot around and over the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast over a distance of roughly 10km, made up of 4 km of swimming and 6km running split into 3 swim and 3 run sections, the event will be running alongside and at the same time as the Tenfoot Swim.

You will set off from Tenby towards Saundersfoot just like the other Swimmers, however you will exit the water at Waterwynch and start the second stage of your journey on foot, initially up onto the Coastal path but then off the path onto private land (So please no training runs on the course before the day) through the fields and woodland before re-joining the Coastal path briefly to make your way down onto Monkstone Beach where you will join back in with the TenFoot Swimmers. Its then a further Swim round the Coast to Swallowtree where you will again exit the water for another run stage through the woodlands before re-entering the water for a final swim stint to the Saundersfoot beach.

Feel free to tailor and tweak your kit according to your needs but we do recommend the use of specialist Swim/Run Wetsuits and Trainers as the course is of natural terrain.

Entry is £60 (plus fees) and participants will receive: Special Edition Tenfoot Swim/Run Medal/Bottle Opener; a TenFoot Swim Technical Training T-shirt and a Silicone swim cap (Given at Registration).




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