Swim/Run Course

The TenFoot Swim committee are pleased to announce the route for its first Swim/Run event to be held alongside the 2019 TenFoot Swim.


The roughly 10km course will start from the Registration point at Tenby Sailing Club, the first stage is a brief run

across to the North Beach where the Swim/Runners will be met with a guard of honour on the beach from the crowd and the Swimmers awaiting their start time, from there its into the water and out to sea.


The next stop is Waterwynch cove where the Fitness clubs participants will exit the water and make their way off the beach and into a gruelling climb up Waterwynch lane to meet the New Hedges bypass, from here it�s a right hand turn travelling through New Hedges and up to Trevayne Lane where its another

right turn and then all the way down to and through Trevayne Farm where its down the steep path to Monkstone Beach.


Once on Monkstone Beach the participants will turn left,

run across the beach

towards Monkstone

Point where they will pass through the same Check Points as the TenFoot Swimmers, log their numbers with the team lead by local celebrity Mr Phil Baker before its back in the water and through �The Gap� in Monkstone Point, its then full steam ahead towards Saundersfoot. However, we�re

not that kind, roughly a 3rd of the way home the Swim/Runners will again divert off the normal Swim route, this time its out at Swallow Tree Gardens and into the woods. Here they will proceed up through the woodlands towards Rushylake before turning right again and back down on the woodland road to the Glen Beach and back in the water.


This final swim stage will bring the Swim/Runners round from the Back Beach, across the mouth of Saundersfoot Harbour and passed the work in progress Wales International Coastal Centre with the short swim stage ending on the sands of Saundersfoot Beach where they will be greeted by local dignitaries and the gathered crowds to collect their medals and join what promises to be a great celebratory afternoon in Saundersfoot.


Please see below the map of the route of the circa 10km Course as it stands.